Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tomorrow We Leave

Well, tomorrow we leave for ten wonderful days aboard the Emerald Princess. Of all the wonderful ships we have sailed on, the Emerald Princess is by far our favorite. The ship is about two years old and has several wonderful features that we like. It has a wonderful outdoor theater with a huge screen. The show current movies at nite, when they cover all of the deck chairs in a wonderful blanket, and then give you a nice blanket to cover yourself with if it gets chilly under the stars. Then they come around with popcorn and a little later milk and cookies. We always look forward to seeing movies there. Another feature we like is the area on Deck 5 that they have turned into an Italian Piazza. In the piazza the have nice comfortable chairs, a bakery with free treats, a coffee bar, a gelatto bar, a sushi bar and a wine bar. Throughout the day the have street performers like jugglers, strolling musicians, acrobats and several other things. You will find me often looking over the bakery items and of course enjoying the gelatto. This cruise is going to add another destination for us. It is the island of Antigua, and we are looking forward to seeing it for the first time. During the cruise I will be writing about our shipboard experience and of course posting a few pictures of both the ship and our ports of call.

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